10 Restaurants in London I just can’t get enough of!

So since I spend so much time in the splendid city of London, I wanted to share with you my top 10 favourite restaurants here:

1. Gökyüzü – Turkish

Located in Haringey, North London, Gökyüzü restaurant has earned my number one spot as I have spent many many years of my life surviving on the juicy Turkish grills here. Being the greedy bum that I am, the only thing here that satisfies my cravings, is their mixed meat grill (a bit of everything I.e Lamb Shish, Chicken Shish, Adana Kebab, Ribs & Chicken Wings). To end the feast, try their scrumptious apple pie (or just stick to their baklava)!

Gokyuzu, Turkish Restaurant in London
Gokyuzu – Turkish Grill

2. Lahore Kebab House – Indian Grill

Having grown up on spicy Indian food, finding the perfect Indian (or Pakistani) restaurant in London has been a bit of a challenge. My mum, with her mind blowing culinary skills, has spoilt me (a little), and my taste buds haven’t been able to cope with the bland, so called ‘Indian’ curries you find in the UK. However, Lahore Kebab House is the one of the few places that does this cuisine some justice. Buy your own beer from the neighbouring off-licence and enjoy Lahore Kebab House’ tongue tickling lamb chops!

Delicious Lamb Chops are Lahore Kebab House, London, Restaurant
Delicious Lamb Chops are Lahore Kebab House

3. Smokey Boys – American Grill House

With their massive, juicy, fall off the bone bbq beef ribs and their tender hot jerk chicken. This joint earns a special spot in my top ten. Smokey Boys definitely is the truest American style grill house in London.

Smokey Boys, Restaurant, American Grill, London
Smokey Boys – BBQ Beef Rib

4. San – Chinese

Sorry for adding another non-London restaurant to this list, but let me emphasise the fact that San Chinese restaurant is worth travelling for! Situated in Chelmsford, this restaurant is only a 35 minute train journey from Central London. They offer an ‘all you can eat’ style menu, however, unlike other greasy Chinese buffet restaurants, the food here is freshly prepared to order! You can keep ordering off the menu to your hearts content. My favourites are the gorgeous crispy duck, the tantalising chilli squid and their delicious pork ribs.

San Chinese Restaurant, Chelmsford
Delicious Chinese Treat at San Restaurant

5. Dishoom – Indo-Persian

Another Indian restaurant that makes it to my top ten is Dishoom. Inspired by tasty Parsi (Indo-Persian) cuisine, Dishoom restaurant delivers some really tastylicious dishes such as they their mouth watering Biriyani and spicy Lamb Chops. Not only is their food on fleek – but their Indian inspired cocktails (such as their BollyBelini and Chillitini) take you on a tongue-smacking Indian adventure! The only issue I have with Dishoom, is their small portion sizes and terribly loooooong waiting queues (as they do not take reservations or bookings for smaller groups!!!)

Dishoom Restaurant, London
Dishoom Decor
Dishoom Restaurant, London, Indian
Pav Bhaji, Dishoom
Slurrrrrrp the Cocktails, Dishoom

6. Tinseltown– American Diner

Tinseltown is my second favourite American diner/grill house in London. My usual prey here is their ginormous Cajun style Buffalo Wings with a side of cheesy chips. Not only is their main food a topper, their VIP milkshakes and giant portions of hard to choose deserts are a sight for sore sweet-tooth eyes.

Tinsetown, London, Restaurant
Cajun style Buffalo Wings, Tinseltown

7. Nando’s– Portugese Chicken and Chips

Would I be a terrible person to include Nando’s in my list? Honestly, I don’t care what people think, as I can’t imagine my life without a good old extra hot Piri Piri chicken, Piri Piri chips and Perinase from Nando’s. For that reason, Nando’s stays in this count down!

Nandos Restaurant London, Piri Piri Chicken
Nando’s Piri Piri Chicken with Piri Piri Chips

8. Belgo – Belgium Beer and Food

For all you shell fish lovers, Belgo chain of restaurants in, London, is probably the best place in town for a giant pot of flavoursome mussels (Moules). Try the Green Thai moules for that extra tasty kick!

Pot of Moules (Mussels), Belgo, London, Restaurant
Pot of Moules (Mussels), Belgo

9.  Burger and Lobster

If you are like me, and having a very non-decisive day, and hell breaks loose because you are finding is far too difficult to choose between a juicy Burger or a messy Lobster, then my mate, Burger and Lobster, with their 1.25lb lobster and a 5oz burger, is the right place for you!

Burger and Lobster London, Restaurant
Lobster @ Burger and Lobster

10. Shake Shack  and Five Guys – jointBurger joint

I found it a little hard to pick between Shake Shack and Five Guys as my favourite (non-McDonald’s) burger chain. I mean it’s rather difficult to choose between Shake Shack’s cheesy crinkle chips or Five Guys’ complimentary peanuts. Their burgers are juicy and tasty so they both earn a joint spot on my list.

Five Guys Burger, Restaurant London
Five Guys
Shake Shack, London, Restaurant, Burger
Shake Shack Burger

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