Cruising the Norfolk Beach Towns – Adventure Travel πŸš— πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Part 1/2

Aren’t impromptu adventure travel s simply the best? Here is my 2 part special on a British coastal explorational adventure…

It was the Summer of 2017; the sun was shining bright and the birds were singing terribly. It was a long weekend and me and my ‘partner in crime’ were twiddling our thumbs, wondering what to do next. It was a choice between visiting Tesco for our weekly grocery shop or………..


So, we got into our car, with our mates, left all our troubles (and Tesco) behind, and the 4 of us set off down the merry roads to the British coastline.

Starting our Road trip to Norfolk, UK, Piyus World Travel Blog
All set to go go go!!!

We didn’t have a plan or a destination. But somehow we started following the route to Great Yarmouth, a fun little beach town in Norfolk (UK) with some absolutely tasty English cultural delicacies (or let me just call these ‘fish and chips’). Ocean Spray with it’s outdoor seating, is the restaurant I would recommend here for some scrumptious seafood. There are some ‘great’ seasideΒ places to stay in ‘Great’ Yarmouth (which you can browse through here), but we decided to explore on…

English Fish and Chips in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK
Fish and Chips, Yum!!!

After stuffing our hungry little bellies, we parked our car under some very ‘inappropriate’ seagulls (who had also seemingly stuffed their bellies without any toilet manners) and wandered down this beautiful strip of coast with the marvellous semi stoned beach on one side, and many old school arcades on the other.

After spending 10 squids worth of 2p in the penny machines (without winning a single sweet or keychain!) my other half finally managed to win a cheeky stuffed monkey πŸ’ in the ‘claw machine’ (I will let you in on a secret here – it was a guaranteed win every time!!).

Cheeky stuffed monkey, our winnings at the arcade in Great Yarmouth, Road trip to Norfolk
Cheeky Stuffed Monkey – Arcade wins!

As we stepped out there was a ‘Great Yarmouth Motorcycle Takeover’ down the strip which captured our attention, before we set off to explore the markets in the town.

There are plenty of family friendly museums and theme parks to visit here, but we decided to give this a miss and try to find accommodation and some cocktails.

We travelled a couple of miles down the coast to a quiet little beach town called Gorleston-on-Sea and booked a hotel called The Cliff via Booking.comΒ (which you can book using this link).Β I couldn’t recommend this place more! The rooms are clean and the beds are cozy. But the best part is their cliff top, beach facing, panoramic, serene restaurant and bar! You can follow the steps down the cliff and walk straight into the fine sands by the Gorleston coast. I couldn’t get over how reasonably priced and delicious their bubbling cocktails were. And their humungous T-Bone steak with creamy pepper sauce were to die for!!! (Since this trip, we have visited The Cliff hotel over and over again).

Views from the Clidd Hotel in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Road Trip. Piyus World adventure travel
Views from the Cliff Hotel in Gorleston.
The best T-Bone Steak I have ever had in the Cliff Hotel, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Road Trip
The best T-Bone Steak I have ever had – The Cliff Hotel

We sipped the cocktails through the evening, watching the beautiful sunset colours over the beach fade into darkness. After a peaceful (and rather drunk) evening, we decided to call it a night.

Views from the Cliff Hotel in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Road Trip. Piyus World adventure travel

Did you enjoy reading about day 1 of our adventures in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston-on-sea? On to part 2 of our adventures road trippin down the Norfolk Coastline…… (click here)

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