Exploring the Indian Coastline – Devbagh Sangam 🇮🇳 🏝

I am a British Born (Confused) Desi (desi = people with an Indian heart). I have a love-hate relationship with India. I spent over 13 years hopping between towns across the land, cursing the crowds and heat and filth and bureaucracy; yet, somehow, I always go back yearning for more!

This country has a glorious history and a colourful culture – which I am proud to be a part of.  You find everything from the tallest of mountains, to the smallest of villages. This article will be the first of several capturing my moments as I journey through India.


Recently, to celebrate the launch of our family resort in Goa, we decided to spend a couple of days, exploring the Malvan beaches, along Konkan coast. We followed the coastline between the sea and the river, until eventually, we found these divine sea view cottages close to Devbagh Sangam (sangam = estuary). I couldn’t recommend them more; rustic double bed cottages, with a sea view balcony, and delicious traditional Konkan food. The location was quiet and peaceful (with very few tourists), and it felt relaxing being far away from madding crowds.

Galaxy Coastal cottages at Devbagh beach, travel bloggerGalaxy Coastal cottages at Devbagh beach, , travel bloggerGalaxy Coastal cottages at Devbagh beach

Things to do in and around Devbagh:

  • Tread the sandy beaches, dip your toes in the sea and say hello to the stray beach dogs. They are adorable.Devbagh beach , travel bloggerBeach dogs and puppies , travel bloggerDevbagh beach in India
  • Take a boat trip down Karli river, to where the land meets the sea. Stop of at ‘Tsunami Island’ for some watersports and beautiful views.Devbagh Sangam in India , travel blogBoat trip at Devbagh Sangam in IndiaBoat trip at Devbagh Sangam in India , travel blog
  • Wander the quirky Malvan villages
  • Take the boat from Malvan to Sindhudurg Fort, a historical fort, built by Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (an Indian King) in 1664. The fort occupies an islet on the shores of Malvan. Whilst in the fort, try some Kokam sarbat (juice from a local fruit) and Maharashtrian Panha (raw mango drink)

Sindhudurg fort, india, travel blogSindhudurga Fort in India , travel blog The entrance at Sindhudurga Fort in India, is almost invisible at first glance. This was a tactic to confuse invaders.[/caption]

Sindhudurga Fort in India , travel blog

  • Sindhudurga Fort in India , travel blog
    Location of Shivaji Maharaj’s (king) hand print
  • Sindhudurga Fort in IndiaSindhudurga Fort in India
  • Try some authentic Malvan food such as kombdi vade (chicken curry with a bread made of lentils) or a Malvini fish curry. For desert Coastal Galaxy cottages made some yummy Amrakhand (a sweet mango yogurt dish).Malvani chicken curryMalvani Vegetarian Thali, Indian foodDelicious Malvani fishMalvani Kombdi Vade (chicken curry and lentil bread)
  • Wander down the meandering Devbagh Sangam road, where you will find the beautiful coast on one side and the majestic river on the other
  • Scuba dive (unfortunately, due to bad weather, we missed this)
  • Buy some Malvani curry masalas, and hand picked cashews to take back home.

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